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40% people abandon a website which takes more than 3 Seconds to load. Google now counts website loading speed as a parameter in Search Engine Optimization. Website Speed Optimization is not merely adding few codes. Not only we will optimize your website speed, We will also inform you about good practices and possible enhancements that will give your visitors a positive experience and support your business goals. We perform the following actions to enhance your Website Speed and Google Page Speed Grades for SEO Signals.

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By far for some of the basic issues, your wordpress site is facing speed problems. In the midst of all, wrong or improper configuration of web hosting is worth mentioning. Apart from that, poor plugins and too big page size can also slow down your site. If your page is unable to supply cached pages, it will encumber your site causing speed trouble. Moreover external scripts like iframes, ads, font loaders can make your wordpress site super slow indeed.

Speed ​​is the key to capturing the attention of your website’s audience. Because even if your site takes a long time to load, the audience will lose interest in accessing your website before they visit. Slow pages also lose their place on the front page of search engines because their traffic is slowing down. In short, if the speed is not fast, your site will not be able to generate much revenue.

A quality website takes less than 2 seconds to load. So if you are worried about whether your website is fast or slow, you can try a free website speed test. To know how your website is performing you can use some tools. For your convenience, we would like to recommend some of the names.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights.
  2. IsItWP
  3. GTmetrix
  4. WebPageTest
  5. Pingdom

For multiple reasons, your WordPress website can load slowly. Some crucial causes are given below.

  1. Malfunctional coded themes
  2. Large image files
  3. Imperfectly coded plugins
  4. External scripts
  5. Unsuitable web hosting
  6. Big page size

WordPress caching plugins simplifies page tasks by compressing your site’s repeated steps. Caching plugin works through creating uniform HTML pages of your website. It saves the page on the server. After that, it provides a copy of that saved page to the audience’s every access instead of making the whole page every time.

CDN is denoted for Content Delivery Network which is a proxy server or data center for geographically distributed networks. It builds a bridge between the server and the user. CDN keeps down the delay of page loading on the website. It helps maintain the content quality of the website and in faster page loading.

To keep your WordPress site up to date, you need to login with your account to see the dashboard. Here you will find an Update page section. Click here and check if a new update is available or not. If it is available, you can easily update your website into the latest version.

Each and every WordPress site is different. First, we will analyze your site in different tools like GTmetrix, Pagespeed Insight, etc and let you know the potential scores, your WordPress site can reach.

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